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The story “The Diary of Samuel Pepys” has its connection with two values which are thankfulness and trustworthiness throughout this story.It is applied to some characters in specific moments. It is important for us to understand the meaning of these two important values which are necessary for being a good person. Now thankfulness is the feeling of appreciation, or when someone shows gratitude. It is when you are pleased or grateful for what u have of for what act of kindness someone has done for you. Trustworthiness is when you are coubtes as reliable. It’s when someone puta all their confidence in you and feels that they could talk to you about anything, their secrets ir their problems and they would know that you would keep this kind of thing to yourself.
Now at the beginning of the story these two very important values were not so clear but while it went on we could notice which characters had it. As you know or as the title says this story talks about how Samuel Pepys writes even…

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